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Wallpaper – A Guide

Wallpaper – A GuideAre you planning to redesign your home? Then there must be lot of confusion in your mind about how to get started and give the best makeover to your home. Your mind must be flooded with questions like what to do with your walls, flooring, roof, etc. Here, in this article you would find one of the best techniques to sort out one of your major questions. That is, what difference to bring to your walls this time or how to make them beautiful with lasting charm?

Wallpapers are getting immense popularity these days from the people who are ready to explore new styles while redesigning their homes. Other than their aesthetic appeal, there are several other benefits that Wallpapers provide.

Let’s find out what are Wallpapers and their advantages and points to be kept in mind while attaching them

Wallpaper is a sheet of paper that is used to stick on the walls with the help of a strong adhesive. These can be pasted in one hue, different patterns or mosaic styles to get the desired effect. There are certain measures that are needed to be taken before the application of the Wallpapers on the walls such as:

·    Cleaning the wall to remove the existing paint with the help of a scrubber.

·    We need to clean the walls and make it free from earlier paints and coverings. It removes the blemishes from the wall.

·    Next step is to apply coating of Plaster of Paris on the wall. Let it dry for a while. This is to bring uniformity on the surface of the wall so that the new wallpaper can be easily applied on the wall.

·    Then, adhesive can be applied on the wallpaper with the help of a brush and can be finally pasted on the wall surface preferably in a horizontal manner so that the final wallpaper does not overlap. Allow drying of the wallpaper and after one or two days you can be assured that it won’t come off.

Some of the points that are needed to be kept in mind while selecting the wallpaper for your home such as:

·    Material quality: The quality of wallpaper varies from material to material. Although there are some selective Wallpaper Manufacturers and Suppliers who use best paper materials that are suitable for all types of walls and curtail wall seepage also.

·    Thickness: This is one of the most important factors which matters while applying wall paper on the wall of rooms. Wallpapers come in different sizes and thickness. Generally, thickness varies from 800 grades to 2000 grade. Their application depends on the quality and unevenness of the wall.

·    Designs and Colors: There are varieties of designs and vibrant colors which make these wall papers look very appealing. No extra efforts are needed to create design on the walls. Just stick designer Wallpaper and your work is done.

There are many Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wallpapers who provide Wallpapers which are of best quality as well as available in brilliant design. So to buy wallpaper, proper selection of all the mentioned things is mandatory to get value for money.