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Home Curtains Ideas: To Give A New Look To Your Home

79ac8715d12b30321c6294094c1dc1faCurtains must be carefully selected for giving that coveted new look to one’s home. Whether it is modern, contemporary themed or traditional styled, Curtains can completely change the interior look of a room in terms of ambience and looks. Most of the modern Window Treatments nowadays call for professional hand as they involve a range of tasks such as putting up any rail or pole and placing tiebacks. Also, glamorous designs like swags and tails or hard pelmets are difficult to put up and require professional help.

Some Home Curtains Ideas To Give A New Look To Your Home

  • Home Curtains Ideas 1 – Make use of the wide range of  Curtains Fabrics to create the right look for your rooms. There are a multitude of Curtain Fabrics available like – Lace, Voile, Cotton, Linen, Silk, Satin, Jacquard, Velvet, Organza, etc. You’ll have to choose what curtain fabrics to use in a particular room, etc. e.g. Velvet Curtains need a lot of maintenance and care, so they are best for guest rooms & so. Similarly Lace Curtains add sensuousness to a room & look best in bedrooms.
  • Home Curtains Ideas 2 – Curtain Styles are an essential aspect of interior decoration in a house. There are a million Curtain Styles that you select from & find the best that will create just the kind of look you want. Some Curtain Styles you can try out include – Pencil Pleat Finish, French or Pinch Pleat Finish, Goblet Pleat Finish, Rivet or Eyelet Finish, Valance or Pelmet Styles, Straight Pencil Pleat Pelmet, Formal Swags & Tails, etc.
  • Home Curtains Ideas 3 – You can even try out Hand Sewn Curtains if you are looking for a unique choice. More and home owners are opting for Hand Sewn Curtains over the Machine Sewn ones nowadays. Depending upon the kind of décor style you want, you can choose either.
  • Home Curtains Ideas 4 – For home-owners who are looking for an exclusive choice, Designer Window Curtains are a wonderful option to consider. They are a stylish and elegant option & add to the glamour of the rooms in the best manner

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Home Design With Drapery Fabric

Home Design With Drapery Fabric

Designing your home can be a daunting task if you don’t have a proper plan. A well-furnished interior is only half complete without decent upholstery. Who doesn’t like great looking interiors? Whether at home or office, drapery fabrics add ambience and grandeur to a room.

Many people end up choosing the wrong draping cloth for their upholstery, as there is the feeling that the more expensive the cloth the better. Before jumping into the “bandwagon”, it is important to get your place analyzed by an interior decorator. This is the first step in upgrading your home setup. Drapery Fabrics come in a variety of textures, colors and prices. After getting your Interior experts’ advice, plan your budget. There are a number of stores that specialize in upholstery and interior decoration. Keep your options open and try to research as much as possible. Some stores even offer online booking and home delivery.

Keep track of end-of-season offers and heavy discounts; you don’t want to miss out on them. Drapery Fabrics can be used ubiquitously if you have the right ideas. Some common upholstery with which Drapery Fabrics go well is pillows, cushions, tables, and windows. Drapery Fabrics can even be used as bed linen, given the fabric is light and will endure frequent washing. A sewing machine is a great investment if you are interested in decorative tailoring and want to save your money in the long run. Try to experiment, learn from the internet, join a class or two, and you’ll be on the way to becoming an expert art decorator.

One you have the correct resources, sound advice of your interior expert, and a sewing machine to suit your needs; interior decoration with Drapery Fabrics will be a cakewalk.