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The Evolution Of Roller Shades

For house owners who are looking for Window Treatment Options, the market is flooded with so many varieties that they will be spoilt for choices. Roller Shades are one of the many choices available which is the current trend in interior decor.

Roller Shades are basically a type of Window Treatment made with advanced fabrics. They are characterized by their easy usability and economical installation rates. They are cheap which makes them accessible to even those house owners who are restrained by budgets. Another feature which makes them the preferred alternative is their versatility which adds oomph to even the dullest of interiors.

The Evolution Of Roller Shades

Roller Shades today are more technologically advanced and better compared to their older counterparts. They are made of sturdier material which ensures durability; the chain control mechanism is also flawless. Internal springs inside the chain control help reduce the load which subsequently leads to lesser force required to pull the shades up. This feature assumes relevance when we talk about huge sized windows as seen in large offices or shops. The force applied in such cases is nowhere near what would have been actually required in absence of these advancements.

Highlighting Features Of Roller Shades
·    The new Roller Shades also come up with bottom rail which gives weight to the shades and prevents them from flapping. This metal bar or bottom rail also gives a cleaner finish to the whole roller shade. Newer advancements have also led to the introduction of Roller Shades with solar screen which reduces glare without sacrificing the view.

·    For a smoother look, groover valance and fascia cassette are used which hide the hardware. Decorative trims and hem are added to give it an additional charm.

·    The uses of Roller Shades are varied and extensive. Commercial offices make use of roller shades on a large scale. These are used to maintain privacy in work areas. Media rooms and conference halls are also equipped with these shades.

·    Roller Shades are useful as they help save power. They allow a limited or controlled access to natural light, thereby saving electricity.

Roller Shades are a regular feature of interior decor and help ensure comfort and convenience which is why they are a craze among buyers nowadays.