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Window Treatment Ideas: How to Make Curtains or Drapes

Window Treatment Ideas: How to Make Curtains or Drapes

Tired of looking at those dull, muted, plain windows at your home, and those dreary walls that add to the moroseness?  You always wanted to do something about it but didn’t know how. Well the solution is simple – Drapes. Drapes not only add to the appeal of your room, but also cut off heat, keeping your room cool and habitable. A well draped window instantly attracts visitors to your home.

Here are some great ideas to make your own drapes, and add life to those drab interiors.

  • Before you hop into your car and head to the nearest fabric store, you will have to take measurements. Plan on how long you want the drapery to be. Will a short length be fine or do you want it to almost touch the floor? A longer drape will make your ceiling look higher. Measure the width, as you want to leave ample space for the accordion folds.
  • Now you’re ready to choose the fabric. Heavy fabrics like velvet and silk give a grandiose look. Keep in mind the room color and ambience. Good drapes always go with plain colored walls. If you have them wallpapered then choose a lighter fabric which is neutral in color.
  • Measure how much space you’ll be leaving for the curtain header. Long headers add to the looks of the drapery as long as they are not well… a bit too long!
  • It’s time to sew the ribbon cloth to the curtain header along which the hooks will be lined. Remember to leave enough gaps for hooks. Leave enough spaces to allow easy sliding of the rings.
  • The next step is to sew the hems. The hem should be kept at a longer length. Stick the hems with glue if you can’t afford to sew them.

Voila! You are all ready to install your new  curtain. And you know it’s special because it was made by you!

Homemade drapes give you that warm satisfaction that is often not found in ready-mades. Learning to make your own upholstery is an art which can only be learned through constant experimentation. So be bold and have the courage to start your own upholstery work. Be assured, you will love it.

Curtain Rings : Viable Accessories For Your Drapery

Curtain Rings : Viable Accessories For Your Drapery

Curtain Rings are not a new thing to discuss. In most of the houses, the curtains are accompanied with Curtain Rings. Curtain Rings provide the curtains with great support. There are a variety of reasons behind using the Curtain Rings for Draperies:

· Curtain Rings are the most favored attachments by the homeowners. These are quite easy to install; hence, save the time to a large extent.
· Curtain Rings are considered highly durable and hence, there is no need to replace them for a considerable time.
· These rings can handle or hold light and heavy drapes as well. Therefore, chances of pulling down the Drapes accidently are very few.
· In spite of being heavy and bulky, the Curtain Rings are very attractive as they are available in various colors, shapes and designs also. Hence, the rings will not look ugly.

There are two types of Curtain Rings are available in the market: Wooden and metal Curtain Rings.

· Metal Curtain Rings: The Metal Curtain Rings are based on the modern designs and styles. Due to their construction from solid materials, these rings have high strength and durability. Therefore, in case of holding the heavy or thick Curtain, Metal Curtain Rings are really helpful. Steel and aluminum are highly used to make the Metal Curtain Rings. These rings are acknowledged for their sharp finishes. For more durability, shine, sharpness in color and finish, polished chrome and brushed nickel are being used. These metals are extensively used in areas where darker shades are required.

· Wood Curtain Rings: These rings are less popular than the Metal Curtain Rings as the Wood Curtain Rings are far from the modern designs. The color choice and designs are so limited that the designers will have to invest in making these rings adaptable to modern designs. Still, Wood Curtain Rings are the popular choice of designers due to their strength and the availability of dark colors. Cherry and stained oak rings with patterned surface are highly popular.

Moreover, the Curtain Rings are available in a range of many hues and can be easily purchased online in accordance to the measurements of your doors and windows. There is always a possibility of existence of a wide range of designs, style and colors of Curtain Rings online than the retail shops at inexpensive rates.