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Lovely Interior Decorating Using Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom Curtains may not be the most important part of bedroom decoration, but they do add to its warmth & feel. They not only add to the glamour and beauty of the bedroom, but also provide privacy for a goodnight’s sleep.

AvenuContemporary Interior Decoration is not only about attractive patterns and vibrant colors in terms of Bedroom Curtains; the practical aspect is also a very vital point nowadays. Bedroom Curtains are increasingly being used for diverse utilitarian purposes as more and more Bedroom Curtain Manufacturers have come up with interesting and useful designs.

Selecting the right kind of Bedroom curtains  is thus very crucial for that perfect interior decoration of the house. Some of the popular Bedroom Curtains Styles are:

Pencil Pleat Finish
This informal style Curtain is frequently used in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This design is compatible with all types of fabrics. This Pencil Pleat Finish is made using a 3” tape that comes with three-hook setting allowing flexibility while hanging.

French or Pinch Pleat Finish
This is a more formal style Curtain designs than the pencil pleat above. It is used often in dining rooms and bedrooms to give a more elegant and aesthetic look to the room and the windows. The Pleats are hand stitched in place and the curtains can be tailored to meet the exact rail size requirements.

Goblet Pleat Finish
This particular design is graceful and stylish and is suitable for formal room settings. Sometimes used in bedrooms, this design is perfectly compatible with all types of Curtain fabrics. This is known as the professional finish and provides two positioning options on the pole or rail.

Tab or Loop Top Heading
This particular design has increasingly gained in popularity as a contemporary style and is perfect for casual settings. This type of design is perfectly suitable for the bedroom conditions that do not require frequent drawing of curtains as the tab can fray by increasing friction along the pole. This is often used as a decorative finish on a pole.

Rivet or Eyelet Finish
This is a modern and contemporary design that uses tape and eyelets. The Eyelets are available in chrome, brass and black. Only certain types of fabrics are compatible with this type of design however.

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