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Cellular Shade-An Artistic Light filtering Shade

Cellular Shades are not only preferred for its elegance but their utility too. They are efficient light filters. They are made from bits of fabric put together to resemble a diamond shaped cell or a honey comb structure. Some features of Cellular Shades which make them an advantageous alternative are:

Cellular Shade As An Insulator
The honeycomb cell design traps air which acts as an insulator and prevents transfer of heat from outside into the rooms. This feature helps keep the interiors cool in summers and prevents the heat from escaping in winters. This helps the house owners save substantially on heating and cooling costs.

Easy Installation
Cellular Shades are easy to install and their installation can be done by any amateur. These shades are usually designed with a do-it-yourself perspective which makes their usage common among all people. There are numerous do-it-yourself videos and step by step instructions available on the internet which makes this task even easier for a first timer.

Lots of options and varieties are available in Cellular Shades which is why there is a lot of demand for these shades. The Cellular Shades are basically available in two kinds – Room Darkening Form and Light Filtering Form.

Other than these, Cellular Shades have many other benefits like they provide insulation from heat without compromising on the light factor. They are lightweight to ensure easy handling. These shades are offered in different sizes and types like single celled double celled or triple celled form. More cells account for increased effectiveness of insulation in the Cellular Shades. Cellular Shades are also effective sound blockers and filter noises from the outside which is of importance in offices and houses. They are also easy to maintain and are available in cordless form as well, which helps in households where children are present. Cellular Shades made from polyester fabric are also available which ensures durability of the shade.

There are companies which offer customized solutions for your Window Treatment needs.
Catching this latest trend in the interior decoration market, Cellular Shades Manufacturers and Suppliers are offering many varieties through online stores at attractive rates.