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Using Curtains And Roman Shades To Accentuate Home

To turn a house into home, it is essential to decorate it. Some smart changes here and there and the beauty of your house will be just incomparable. For instance, you can start with the Curtains – the most commonly sought-after décor as well as utility Home Furnishing Items. There is a large variety of Curtains comprising the likes of Living Room Curtains, Bedroom Curtains, Blackout Curtains, etc. that can be used to accentuate the home. These Curtains come in a wide range of fabrics, designs, colors and sizes giving you plenty of options to choose from. Similarly, you can go for Custom Made Curtains to match well with the interiors of your home.
67718e8b0aeb7373d422c73364649fa2Apart from Curtains, Window Shades are quite in trend these days. Right from Pleated Window Shades, Roman Window Shades, Cellular Window Shades, Wood Woven Window Shades, Roller Window Shades, Sheer Window Shades, Solar Screens, and to Outdoor Window Shades, you can choose from a wide range of Window Shades. All of these Window Shades come in a plethora of fabrics, patterns and colors. However, amongst these the Roman Shades are highly popular because of their exceptional aesthetics and quality.
As mentioned earlier, the Curtains and the Roman Shades, both come in a variety of materials, designs and sizes. A careful selection is a must in order to accentuate the interiors the best way. For example, the size and shape of the window, the amount of sun rays coming into the room, the position of the window and the décor like wall paper, color of wall paint, etc. surrounding it are some of the elements that determine the choice of Curtains. The Window Shades can be selected, to a large extent, on the basis of the aforesaid factors. Window Shades, whether Roman Shades or other kinds, are easy to install and look amazing when installed just the perfect way.
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House Wallpaper – The Best Option In Home Décor

Wallpaper is one of the best options, when it comes to beautifying the walls of a house. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, themes and sizes, Wallpapers add a modish touch to the interior design of your house. They can be used in different sections of the house, be it living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom. House Wallpapers these days have become quite popular as decorative wall coverings and are considered better than paints. Continue reading to know why.

avenuDubai Wallpaper  is a modern-day alternative to paints that involve quite a lot of efforts to be applied. House Wallpapers are easy to apply and clean as well.

House Wallpapers come in a wide range of choices and you can choose any of the type to create amazing ambience and freshness in the house. The most popular House Wallpapers include the ones that come in the form of tiles with different designs and patterns. Then there are House Wallpapers that come in the form of ceramics, Vinyl Coated Wallpapers, Fabric Coated Wallpaper, Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallpaper and many more. No matter which type of House Wallpapers you choose, they all are especially designed for creating an attention-grabbing impression and this is why, can be availed in a plethora of themes.

Conduct an online search and you are bound to across House Wallpapers with Contemporary Prints, Romantic Floral Wallpapers, Novelty Wallpapers, Transitional Wallpapers, Urban – Linear Wallpapers, Children Wallpapers, Classic Wallpapers and lot of other House Wallpapers on varied themes.

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The Amazing Effects Of The Window Blinds

Window Blinds are a type of window covering that are made from different systems and materials depending on the application. The typical Window Blind is manufactured from slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal. These slats rotate from an open position to a closed position as they are allowed to overlap. Window Blinds are of various kinds that include – Roller Blinds, Wood Blinds, Roman Blinds and Standard Vertical and Horizontal Blinds.

Venetian Blinds are extensively used on windows for various reasons. The primary application is to reduce the heat transmission from outside to the inside of houses. This is one of the most economical and simplest Window Treatment Options in the market. These are easy to maintain and use offering many options for heat transmission control.

Window Blinds and Window Shades
Both the Window Blinds and window shades provide excellent service in terms of blocking out light and offering privacy but in a different way. The Window Blinds come with slats that can be tilted for controlling light. The Window Shades however do not come with slats, as they are single piece materials. So the Window Blinds  offer the unique option of light filtration for achieving the exact kind of warmth for the rooms.

Some of the aspects that must be kept in mind in the case of Window Blinds are:

  • If the primary concern is heat reduction, Venetian Blinds are perfect as they reduce around 40% of the sun’s heat from entering into the house.  Venetian Blinds made of durable materials such as wood or metal are perfect for outdoor use.
  • If the main purpose is to control light and to deter peeping toms, then the blinds must be put on the interior side of the house. This type of  Roller Blinds is just perfect for situations where one needs flexibility.
  • Modern Technology has led to automatic controls that can be adjusted with blinds according to preset light preferences and temperature targets and direction of the sunlight.

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Important Considerations While Looking For Blinds

avenuBlinds have become all the rage as window treatment. Factors that have made Window Blinds high in demand are their aesthetic value, affordability and endurance. Today, you can find Window Blinds in a wide range of materials, styles and sizes for office as well as house. However, to Buy Window Blinds of the best quality and right type, it is essential to keep in mind some important considerations.

  • First of all, remember that Blinds are available in different materials. You have the choice of Wooden Blinds apart from the Blinds made from metal. Wooden Blinds are generally preferred because of their sophisticated and classic looks. They might be costly depending on the quality of the wood.
  • Talking about the style, you can choose from Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Window Blinds – depending on the size of the window. The benefit of having any of these Blinds is that you can tilt their slats to block or control the sunlight coming through the window. These types of Blinds are generally installed in offices to control air and light.
  • While looking for Blinds, keep in mind the theme and color of the interior design of your home or office. Ensure that the color shade of the Window Blinds must go well with the theme of interiors of the room.
  • Also consider the weight of the Blinds prior to the purchase. For instance, the Blinds made from metal are usually lighter in weight as compared to wooden blinds. You can choose Blinds specifically on the basis of their weight for particular sections of the home.
  • Don’t forget to ensure that the Blinds you are about to buy have user-friendly control system. It should be easy to lower and raise the Blinds. A number of Window Blinds come with corded lifts, whereas some might have loop chains. Similarly, there are several Blinds that are cordless. Selection of the Blinds can be done on the basis of their control-type.

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The Source For Custom Shades & Blinds

Shades and Blinds are part of the contemporary Window Treatment that can make considerable difference in the aesthetic appeal of a room. Well-designed Shades and Blinds not only characterize a room, but fetch all the decor factors together. To redesign any room, you can go for the beautiful Window Shades and Window Blinds. In fact, you can go for Custom Shades and Blinds to create an enticing interior as per your specific requirements. However, the question here arises where to find the Custom Shades and Blinds. Well, continue reading to get the answer.

shadesThe practical way to find Custom Shades and Blinds is to conduct a web search. The versatile and functional Shades and Blinds can be bought online for any room of your house. Suitable for almost all types of windows, Shades and Blinds are available in assorted materials and styles.

Over the internet, you can find Window Shades in materials such as fabric, soft plastics, etc. Depending on your choice or the theme of the room, you can go for either plain Window Shades or the decorative ones. They are lowered from a spring-loaded rod that is connected to the top of the window. The choices that you can find over the internet include Roman Shades  the loose folds which can be lifted or lowered to adjust the sunlight coming through the window, Pleated Shades that mount on the top of the window allowing full sunlight to come into the room and many others. There are many other varieties in Window Shades – all being easy to use and maintain.

Talking about the Window Blinds, you can find them in vertical and horizontal styles. The Window Blinds are made from wood or metal such as aluminum. The options that can be found online in Window Blinds are Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, etc. Vertical Blinds are ideal for large windows in addition to sliding glass doors.

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The Basics Of Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design is function based style of decorating and avoids extravagant accessorizing like many other styles. Combining modern styles with styles from different sources like Asian Modern or Rustic Modern is also very popular. Contemporary Interior Design can turn out to be serene and simple at the same time if well planned and executed. One common accusation against contemporary designs is that they are cold and minimalist, which is not the case as the idea, is to achieve a clutter-less and comfortable design. Contemporary Interior Designs are equally suitable for offices and stores, homes and lofts.

Neutrals hold a strong position in Contemporary Interior Designs along with black and white colors. A bright and bold color is often used to brighten up things. Black is used to ground the color range for giving it a contemporary look. Bold colored accessories with basic neutral colors painted as the backdrop serve as the perfect combination.

Line and Space
Line is the most distinguishing element of Contemporary Interior Design and it is found in architectural details, high ceilings, use of bold color blocks, bare windows and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture. The bare spaces play a very significant role in contemporary design, whether it is on walls, between pieces of furniture, and above in upper areas. Painting structural details in bold colors is even acceptable according to contemporary interior designs.

The type of furniture chosen also has an important role in creating the right kind of ambience in the house. Since the Living Room & the bedroom are the most important parts of the house, the choice of furniture should be given proper thought.

Investing in a proper platform bed should be the chief concern in terms of Bedroom Furniture. This form of Bed is cleaner and simpler in design with its low height. Addition of a few pillows can help further accentuating its clean lines. Dressers, bureaus and other furniture with sharper angles, cleaner lines and with darker & richer colors should be used for effectively fading out the background of the designs.

Living Room
Uncluttered and open Living Room can help in creating the contemporary feel in terms of interior design. Chairs paired with glass and designer leather couches can help in creating that desired look along with end tables. Some abstract art work and throw rugs can add that extra look to the room.

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Using Curtains To Improve The Appearance Of Your Kitchen And Bedroom

Till now if you thought that Curtains could only be used to have privacy or to serve the purpose of blocking sunlight, then you certainly need to give this notion a second thought. Curtains today are not only utility materials but also one of the significant Home Décor Products. You can use Curtains in a variety of styles in different sections of your home, be it the Bedroom, Living Room or even the Kitchen. Curtains – available in a variety of fabrics, patterns, colors, designs and sizes, add to the aesthetics of the interiors of your house.

avenueinteriorThe moment you have understood the importance of Curtains as Home Décor Items, you can definitely move on to the next step of choosing the best ones for almost each section of your house. Choosing the right Curtain Drapes is essential so that you don’t regret later in case the desired aesthetic appeal in not attained.

There are lots of choices in Curtains for Bedroom. You can get Bedroom Curtains in styles such as the sheer, the jacquard, the pleated, the swag, inverted pleat, the layered, and many more. These Curtains Styles match well with plethora of different themes. You can choose any of these that match well with the interiors of your house. After Curtain Style, be careful about the colors, designs and patterns. Numerous choices are available in these aspects as well. Ensure that whichever Curtain that you finally decide on goes well with the color of the walls of the room.

When it comes to selecting Curtains for Kitchen, you must keep in mind your regular cooking sessions. The Kitchen Curtains should generally be in dark colors so that they don’t look dirty quite soon. Nonetheless, if you rather like the light colors, go for them but be prepared for the regular wash as well. As well, choose Kitchen Curtains that are made from high-quality fabrics.

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Fabulous And Elegant Office Blinds

avBlinds are undeniably the best option to add to the working environment in the office. The beautified appearance of your working space motivates you to work more productively. Besides, because of the Office Blinds, you can ensure complete privacy and maximum protection from the harsh sunrays. The varied options available in Office Blinds include Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, and many others. You can decide on any of these, depending on the requirement and budget.

Venetian Blinds:
Made from materials such as PVC, wood or aluminum; Venetian Blinds have different benefits. For instance, the PVC Venetian Blinds are economical and efficient. The Wooden Blinds are slightly expensive and have high aesthetic value. The Venetian Blinds made from aluminum too look elegant and are preferred for the main purpose of blocking sunlight.

Vertical Blinds:
Vertical Blinds are the best option for ensuring privacy along with blocking the sunrays from entering into the space. The Vertical Blinds can be found with dim slats as well as see-through slats. To adjust the light coming into the room from outside, the slats of Vertical Blinds can be lowered and vice versa. The Vertical Blinds can easily be cleaned and are long lasting.

Roller Blinds:
On the whole, Roller Blinds are made from fabric along with some metal components. These types of Blinds are resistant to UV rays and thus impart high level of protection. Roller Blinds occupy very less space and look graceful. However, special care has to be taken of the Roller Blinds for maintain their elegance.

Roman Blinds:
Roman Blinds are too are generally manufactured from fabric. Known for ensuring high level of insulation, the Roman Blinds are very popular as Office Blinds. They are contemporary window treatment that looks amazingly fabulous and are not even costly.

All types of Blinds come in different sizes, shapes and textures. What’s more Blinds can also be customized as per the specific needs and interests.

To Buy Venetian Blinds in Abu Dhabi, you can always turn to Avenue Home & Design. A preferred choice of many to get hold of contemporary Office Blinds, the company is enlisted as one of the reputed Window Blinds Suppliers. The different varieties of Window Blinds that the company makes available comprise Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, etc. To know in detail about these variants of Blinds, you can go through

Why Are Roller Blinds Preferable For Office And Home

Available in plenty of materials, styles, colors and sizes; Roller Blinds are considered as the best way of enhancing the interiors of a rl blndplace. These types of window dressings are perfect utility items that can be cut to the desired window size.

Factors That Make Roller Blinds A Preferred Choice For Many Are:

1. Roller Blinds are quite inexpensive as compared to other varieties of Blinds.

2. Roller Blinds come in a wide range of materials such as linens, natural grasses, vinyl, fabrics, suede, etc.

3. Roller Blinds are versatile. They can be used anywhere in the house – in kitchens and even in the bathrooms. Roller Blinds can equally be used in different sections of an office.

4. The installation cost of Roller Blinds is fairly low. Nonetheless, if your budget allows, you can get these window coverings installed in different elegant ways.

5. As compared to other types of  Window Blinds, Roller Blinds are way too easy to install. The Roller Blinds take much lesser time to be fixed on the windows and in fact, can be mounted very easily with top fix brackets.

6. Roller Blinds are durable and efficiently control the harsh sunrays coming into the room. To ensure that your furniture and other items in the room do not lose their texture because of the harsh sunlight, you can undoubtedly go for Roller Blinds.

7. Roller Blinds can very easily be cleaned on a regular basis. Proper care upholds the elegance as well as longevity of Roller Blinds.

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Curtain Styles: Finding The Right Look For Your Home

Choosing the perfect curtains is not a child’s play. You have to consider a number of factors that include the fabrics, the designs, the lengths, the widths, the colors, the layers and most importantly, the styles. This write-up can ease your task of choosing the right Curtain Style. Continue reading to know how.

Some Of The Most Popular Curtain Styles That You Can Go For Are:

  • Goblet pleated draping
  • French Pleat Curtains
  • Gathered Heading Curtains
  • Two-fold euro pleated long curtains
  • Eyelet Curtains
  • Cased Heading Curtains
  • Flat panel with bullion fringe
  • Pleated drapes on holdbacks
  • Tab Top Curtains
  • Rod pocket drapes
  • Pencil Pleat Curtains
  • Pinch pleated café curtains

AvenueinteriorAmongst these, the Tab Top Curtains, as their name sounds, have tabs (fitted on the curtain rod) on top of the curtain. This Curtain Style is known for simplicity, yet has modern appeal. Talking about other Curtain Style, Eyelet Curtain has a sophisticated style wherein curtain rod has to be placed through eyelets. This Curtain Style is best to impart a pleated look to a curtain. Then there is Pencil Pleat Curtain Style that is known for tight, crammed pleats. This Curtain Style is best, if you want to create sophisticated yet sober ambience in the room. Another popular Curtain Style is Gathered Heading Curtain Style that is known for its loose, thick pleats. Somewhat expensive than other Curtain Styles, yet the Gathered Heading Curtain Style is affordable. You can also go for Cased Heading Curtains that can be hung without using rings.

Any of the Curtain Styles can be chosen on the basis of the décor settings of your home as well as requirements and budget. However, you must ensure that the Curtain Style looks perfect as per the space available and does not have an over-the-top impression.

Buying the desired Curtain in Dubai is no more a difficult task as Avenue Home & Design is always there to help you. You can purchase a variety of Curtains Drapes in more than 1000 fabric choices from the company. Besides, Avenue Home & Design is also the best place to come across the exquisite range of Window Shades, Wood Blinds, Living Room Curtains, Sheer Window Coverings, and several other Home Décor Products, in different colors, sizes, patterns and designs at reasonable prices. What’s more, you can get almost all of these Home Furnishing Items in custom sizes and designs from the company. Log on to for more information.