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Tips And Ideas For Curtains, Drapes, And Blinds

The monotony in the interiors can be broken with smart use of Curtains, Drapes and Blinds. Enhancing the aesthetics of the room with window treatments has always been there but now the practice has gained more popularity owing to the diverse options that people have. But all cannot afford to splurge money just to revamp the interiors. If you are looking to change the look of the room, here are some tips and ideas for Curtains, Drapes and Blinds.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform the appearance of your room is by changing the window coverings. You can decide a decorative theme for the room and then go accordingly for particular window treatments. Window coverings play a vital role in accentuating the beauty of the room by blending with the other furnishings and home décor items. Usually some people ignore the importance of window coverings and end up compromising the beauty of the room.

You can embellish your curtains with ribbon and give a whole new appearance to the room. Similarly, you can also impart the curtains a seasonal flair, by the use of strands of snowflakes. This is an inexpensive yet very effective innovation with curtains and drapes. You can be very selective while choosing the color. For example, white draperies offer a soothing environment and give illusion of more space.

Cellular Shade is another good option as window covering. Cellular Shades are usually made of a honeycomb pleated fabric which is available in various weights from sheer to dark and heavy. In the case of a living room, dining room or bedroom, Drapes are the best choice. They are available in a wide range of fabric, color and design. Adding a valance or tie backs changes the appearance altogether. For Kitchen, bathroom or family room, Vertical blinds can be considered. They are very easy to maintain.

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How To Remove Wallpaper With Ease?

If you are set to replace the Wallpapers in your room with new ones, you must be familiar with the ways of how to remove them. With a better understanding in the context, the Wallpapers can be scraped off without damaging the grace of the walls. Do a bit of preparation work. Take off all the other decorative items from the walls and it will be better if your place old paper sheets on the floor. This will keep the floor tidy.

Strippable wallpapers can be removed without the use of water or chemicals. With the help of the knife, you can pry the edge of the wall covering and then pull the wallpaper; it will come off easily. If the wallpaper doesn’t peel off, or if only the decorative surface layer peels off, you must saturate the wallpaper or the remaining backing with water and wallpaper remover solvent and then scrape it off.

If wallpaper is dry-strippable, you just need to loosen each strip at the corners with a putty knife and slowly peel it back at a 10- to 15-degree angle. The wallpaper should not be pulled straight out as it can damage the underlying surface, especially if the wall is dry.

To remove non-strippable wallpaper, you can use warm water and wallpaper removal solvent. Soak the surface with a wallpaper remover solution. Although a spray bottle works, the most effective way to get the solution on the wall is usage of a paint roller. Scrape the sodden paper off with a wide taping knife or a wallpaper scraper.

Avoid wetting a larger area than you can scrape off within about 15 minutes or else the walls can get damaged especially if it is a drywall. One can wet about a 3-foot-wide, floor-to-ceiling section at a time. Scrape off the wet wallpaper and let it fall to the floor. The canvas drop cloth or towels can be used to absorb most of the dripping solution.

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Designer Fabrics and Curtains

The changing mindset of people to accomplish sophistication in their lifestyle can be witnessed not only in their attire but also in their living rooms. Gone are the days when traditional fabrics and curtains were used as window coverings. People have moved on and now, Designer Fabrics and Curtains are in trend.

Most people today who take up on interior design projects give importance to the selection of fabrics. Interior Designers consider fabric color, texture, and quality while choosing the fabrics as these are the factors that elevate the mood and atmosphere of the home. Designer Fabrics can impart a sophisticated and luxurious touch to the appearance of the room.

The aesthetic appeal of the room depends on the choice of fabric chosen for chair and table coverings in the case of dining room. For bedroom, consideration must be given to the design of bedding and throw pillows. The most important factor while deciding for the fabric is color as it should complement with the accessories of the room.

What makes Designer Fabric and Curtains ideal for interior decoration is the wide array of dazzling colors and textures. You just get amazed to see the variety in weaves, patterns, prints and styles. Designer Curtains are available in various styles ranging from contemporary to modern bold and all of them equally exclusive and appealing. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Designer Fabrics and Curtains can leave tremendous impact on the interiors of your room.

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Window Treatments: Blinds and Shades

Of late, conventional window coverings are facing stiff competition from modern Window Treatments including Blinds and Shades. You don’t need to wonder the reasons behind that. Blinds and Shades are available in a vast range of configurations, styles and colors, thus offering several options for interior decoration. Let us get an insight into these popular Window Treatments.

Window Blinds are window coverings that comprise of slats of fabric, wood, metal or even plastics. Blinds are available in various configurations and styles, the most common being the horizontal blinds and vertical Venetian Blinds. In both these types of blinds, the slats can be conveniently rolled up/down or sideways for proper view and regulation of light. Blinds can be specifically designed for super functionality and accurate fit as per the size of the window. And on parameters of aesthetics, Window Blinds are rated very highly.

Vertical Blinds are best suited for larger windows. It is very necessary to keep in mind the size of the window before purchasing window Blinds and Shades as it can make the room look out of proportion. The horizontal Blinds are much heavier than the vertical Blinds and can block the sunlight to a larger extent. Wood Blinds and Shades are high in demand as well as in vogue.

Window Shades are continuous piece of fabric that rolls, stacks or folds and you get a view only when the shade is rolled up. Nowadays, Shades are also available in a variety of fabrics allowing you to view through.

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Finding The Perfect Living Room Curtains

Finding The Perfect Living Room Curtains

Perhaps, in most of the houses, family members spend a lot of their time in living rooms relaxing and socializing with one another. Living room must give a sense of relaxation and must be visually soothing. The interiors can be specifically designed so as create an ambience of calmness. For aesthetic aspects, you need to select suitable home furnishing items for the living room. Right from lightings to Living Room Curtains, all must be perfect.

While designing the interiors of the home, Living Room Curtains need to be given proper attention. Before choosing Living Room Curtains, certain factors should be considered such as design of the windows and room, size of the windows, fabric of the curtain, natural and artificial lighting, room temperature and of course, the budget. If the Living Room Curtains are not chosen carefully, even an expensively decorated living room will not get that flawless appearance.

If the windows in the living room are facing the road then double sided curtains can be a good option. Tassels and tiebacks are some of the curtain styles that are in fashion. Living Room Curtains embellished with sequins and laces render a royal touch to the living room. If you need the perfect Living Room Curtains, you can resort to online means. There are several websites and portals that list the Manufacturers and Suppliers of Curtains. You can browse through the net for a thorough search.

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Use of Wooden Flooring in Residential Construction

Use of Wooden Flooring in Residential Construction

Use of Wooden Floorings in residential construction is gaining momentum. Earlier, smooth and shiny Wooden Floorings mostly added to the grace of lavish complexes and offices, but now the scene is changing. Hardwood Flooring is not out of reach for average middle class family and as such, it is becoming very popular. Some of the reasons for growing popularity of Wooden Flooring in residential buildings are listed as follows:

  • High Durability: When compared to certain other flooring options such as carpets, Wooden Floorings have relatively much longer life span. The average life span of Wooden Floorings is stated to be around 30 or more years against 7 to 10 years life of carpets.
  • Need No Special Maintenance: Wooden Floorings have hard surface that does not hold particulates such as dirt, dust, etc. As, the cleaning and maintenance of Wooden Floorings is very easy and convenient. This advantage really drives people to go for Wooden Floorings in residential constructions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wooden Floorings have a smooth finish and add to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.
  • Can Be Refinished: Wooden Floorings can be refinished to maintain the sheen and newish appearance. As such, you don’t need to spend more on the installation of new Floorings. This is yet another advantage.

The above mentioned reasons have certainly given a boost to the use of Wooden Flooring. Besides, availability of Wooden Floorings in a variety of woods, colors, finishes, sizes, etc. are also attributed for the popularity of Wooden Floorings.

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Transform Your House With Custom Made Curtains

Transform Your House With Custom Made Curtains

Custom Made Curtains add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Curtains in vibrant colors, varying designs and attractive colors create a lovely ambience and you feel like staying in the room to enjoy that beauty. Special interest is taken in the detailing of art work. One of the major factors for opting Custom Made Curtains is that one has a number of options and complete liberty to modify the design and color according to one’s taste and preference.

Custom Made Curtains play an important role in Interior decoration. The color, size, design, fabric and style of the curtains can be altered. You get the chance to incorporate your ideas and to be innovative while decorating the home. Custom Made Curtains and Drapes can create a subtle splendor. Changing the curtains is the easiest way to transform the outlook of the home with minimal expense.

Things To Be Kept In Mind When Opting For Custom Made Curtains:

  • It is essential to get the measurement correct lest the purpose of flawless decoration is not served.
  • Custom Made Curtains must be selected in colors and designs that go well with the interiors of the room. There must be a decorative theme for the best decoration.
  • Choose the right Curtain Rods for hanging draperies as rods come in many different styles and diameter.
  • Choose the right fabric for curtains and draperies as certain fabrics are not suitable. Silk, cotton, polyester and linen are the most preferred.
  • Inter lined panels impart stability to fabrics especially to silks and faux silks. You can use them and transform your house with Custom Made Curtains.

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All About Engineered Wood Flooring

All About Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring is different from conventional Hardwood Floors. Engineered Floorings comprise of multiple ply layers that are glued together with the use of adhesives. Either Hardwood or soft plywood forms the inner core of the Engineered Wood Flooring. A hardwood layer is glued on top of the core and forms the surface of the flooring. Engineered Wood Floorings vary in thickness.

Features Of Engineered Wood Flooring:
Dimensional Stability
Engineered Wood Floorings are specifically designed for better dimensional stability. Wood is hygroscopic in nature and absorbs and releases moisture in the surroundings. This results in the twisting of the wood. However, Engineered Wood Floorings comprise of ply layers that are placed alternating lengthwise and crosswire grain. Such a structure allows the flooring to withstand twisting, thus imparting better dimensional stability.

Grinding & Varnishing Not Required:
Engineered Wood Floorings do not require grinding or varnishing as they are prefinished. The pre-finished coats are very smooth and uniform. This considerably curtails the processing cost at the site of installation.

Easy & Quick Installation:
Engineered Wood Floorings comprise of tongue and groove fit. Further, their better dimensional stability makes installation process very easy and less time consuming. By means of adhesives or mechanical interlocking floating system, Engineered Wood Floorings can be installed on concrete surface.

Unlike Click Lock Flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring can be directly glued-down over dry concrete slabs above or below grade or nailed down over a wooden subfloor. Engineered Wood Flooring is the best alternative for concrete or carpeted floors and Solid Wood Flooring as the installation process is not cumbersome.

The average lifespan of Engineered Flooring is between 20-30 years. Some Engineered Wood Flooring have a thicker 2 – 6 mm thick wear layer that can be completely sanded and refinished around 5 times at least if required. The thicker wear layer Engineered Floors last for about 40 – 80 years.

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Curtain Fabrics: Different types of curtain fabrics

Curtain Fabrics: Different types of curtain fabrics

Custom Made Curtains and furnishings are in fashion. When ordering for Custom Made Curtains the buyer has the liberty to express his/her creativity and get the curtains designed exclusively. One of the advantages of this is, curtains can be made to fit a window space precisely. The same fabric can be used to make soft furnishings such as seat covers and cushions.

With the availability of many fabrics in the market, any buyer can get confused while choosing fabric for curtain. It is very essential to know the merits and de-merits of the particular fabric while buying it for the window treatments. A well decorated window alters the appearance of the room from boring to lively and also adds a finishing touch to the interiors of the home.

Any room in your home; be it living room, dining room or bedroom has to be decorated according to the furnishings in that particular room. Certain rooms like the Family room, library and children’s room can be casually decorated.

Different Types Of Curtain Fabrics:
Silk has a distinguished quality when woven using a satin weave. It adds a regal touch to the interiors of the home. When Silk is woven into a crisp taffeta, it can be successfully made into full-length panels, roman shades and balloon shades. One of the main disadvantages of silk is that it can easily get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight. During the dyeing process, Silk takes the color easily.

One of the most popular fabrics, Cotton can be used in Curtains, Blinds and soft furnishings. Cotton is relatively easy to clean and maintain when compared to other fabrics. Cotton is a very versatile material. Window treatments made from lined cotton hang better and are cost effective when compared to other fabrics.

Linen has become a trendy fabric in recent times. Linen Curtains are best suited for casual rooms. Linen is very good in absorbing moisture and lining of linen window treatments is usually done to retain their shape. The disadvantage of Linen is that it can wrinkle easily and only dry clean is recommended for Curtains made of linen.

Wool has its own essence especially when woven into heavier fabric. Artwork like embellishments and trimmings can be easily done on Wool. During the dyeing process, Wool embodies the color easily. Wool can absorb moisture easily just like linen. Wool is not suitable for humid climate and maintenance can be expensive. Synthetic Blends like Nylon, polyester, etc. are few synthetic fabrics that can be used for fabrication of curtains. Chenille, Satin, Voile and Print fabric are also used for the purpose.

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Some Details on Blackout Curtains

Some Details on Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains are the finest choice to block light to a greater extent as they are very thick and heavy-duty draperies. The unique quality of Blackout Curtains is that they are able to block light from outside completely compared to other curtains.

In the fast paced life, everyone likes to relax and have a good sleep after a hectic day. As the name suggests, Blackout Curtains facilitate perfect ambience for a perfect sleep by screening out the external light entering the room.

Blackout Curtains are excellent for people working in nightshifts as they sleep during the day. It becomes very problematic to sleep well with the light penetrating into the rooms. In that case screening out sunlight comes to be really handy.

Blackout Curtains has revolutionized the way one can decorate and enhance the interiors of the home. Not only at home, they are also used in hotels, offices, and other commercial set ups. In the office, using Blackout Curtains gives an advantage especially for power point presentations.

In hotels, Blackout Curtains allow the fatigued overseas travelers to enjoy a peaceful slumber as most travelers suffer from jet lag and in return their planned vacation or business meetings do not get hampered.

Blackout Curtains are the best option to provide a sigh of relief to people who are suffering from light induced pain during migraine. Investing in Blackout Curtains can prove to be a sensible investment as it has many advantages.

A Blackout Curtains ensures protection from hot, humid air in the summers and chilly cold air in the winters which can easily seep through into the rooms. They have good insulation properties owing to the material they are fabricated from. While buying a Blackout Curtain, it is advisable to check for the lining used under the main fabric. A good quality lining would ensure durability.

Blackout Window Treatments are fabricated using materials such as velvet, cotton and even silk. At times, Brocade is used as a luxurious fabric which at times is built with gold and silver threads. Blackout Curtains can also be manufactured using cotton, wool or synthetic fibers. Other fabrics may consist of chintz, gingham, calico and also satin.

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